Monday, December 31, 2012

Typewriter Christmas Round Two

I apologize in advance for any and all typos, I know there will be a lot more than usual because I typed this in a hurry and on a time crunch...

And the pictures...
"Is this what I think it is?"
"Katie. Did you really?"

The following are of the inside of the cover, as best as I could photograph it! I apologize for not being able to take better pictures, everything is covered in clear tape, and some of the stuff is separated due to the case being cracked.


  1. Katie rocks! And so do those typewritten notes in the case. Very interesting and unusual. I'll pass the serial no. data on to friends who keep track of this kind of thing.

    1. I agree! It was brought to my attention that my saying "clearly a keeper" was rather ambiguous, but I did mean Katie and not the typewriter. That being said, the typewriter's a keeper too.

      I'm a huge fan of dealer stickers and fun little artifacts like those notes in the case. I wonder if there's a copy of that book archived somewhere in public records in PA... Is any of that information published anywhere?

  2. Tis is the earliest absolute date doc umented for a specific Hammopnd # 2 with either keyboard. Congratulations! Terrific!
    Peter W

    1. Thank you Peter! Any chance you could email me the other serial number information you have (or any information really)? My email is

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